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Horror Games are Right Around The Corner and We are Excited

Horror games are right around the corner and we are excited

Horror is the main element of any media and video games often take it to a level that we never imagined we would love. Video games are immersive and that feeling of really being there makes horror even more adrenaline.

Horror games are not for everyone. However, we believe that everyone should try at least once. It is a bad interpretation to think that you must be brave, courageous and daring to face the best scariest games, we are not intrepid. Curiosity drags us along and we continue, not because of courage, but because of the fear of looking back. Enter Halloween mode and check out this list of horror games that will soon fall.

Sometimes that means running like hell for the frightening monster, or sneaking up behind a bully and snapping his neck. The horror is here to make you question your actions in extreme circumstances and ask yourself if what you are doing is really what you are doing in this game.

Dead Space:

If you thought that what Bio-shock really needed were aliens, Dead Space is for you. This game is a twisted story of an alien race Borg style, determined to conquer the universe through monoliths called Markers. These markers carry an alien virus that will turn any species that touches Necromorphs through their corpses. Necromorphs, reanimated dead, spread the virus attacking the living until they are the only thing left. Together, they form biomass large enough to become a new extraterrestrial to send more markers.

As the main character, your options are pretty grim. You can never be sure what the right decision is, since the people who tell you what to do have pretty questionable motives throughout the game. Besides that, Isaac is constantly tortured by his supposedly dead girlfriend and we are never really sure if she is not infected or of a Morphine at the end of the game.

Resident Evil 7:

The Resident Evil series has changed the game in the horror genre, once known as the king of horror games. He has been with us since we have memory. Unfortunately, everything changed during the fourth installment. The game fell into a kind of shooting due to lack of resources, lack of disadvantage towards our enemies or horror. Suddenly, the game focused more on our ability to handle reflexes and weapons than on the ability to make a decision: run or fight, the core of a game of terror and survival.

This time, according to Kanata’s statements, CAPCOM will not let us play like super soldiers carrying even the most terrifying monstrosities. No, this time we will again experience the emotion of fear and despair when we face a superior being. It’s time – run and hides.

Layers of Fear:

Now here is a game with horror, especially for those of us with claustrophobia. This scary game can be, in its essence, just a glorified tour of the haunted house, but there are some unique elements that help it stand out.

On the one hand, you do not play the sweet and innocent protagonist who works against psychopathic ghosts. No, this time you are the psychopath and are interested in finishing your painting. However, you need the right materials before you can, and by obtaining these materials, players explore the home and mind of the inner psychopath.

Second, this haunted house not only has spooky paintings but the rooms also change and change according to the mental state of the main character. If you feel particularly angry, the rot and rats will invade the room until there is an illogical abyss in the center. When you feel panicked, the rooms are distorted and mixed, not like a failed picture.

The most frightening moment for me was when you are running away, you go to the end of the corridor and close the door behind you. The objective, as usual, is to go to the next room. But every closed door you try disappears as soon as you get away from it. Eventually, there are no doors at all. As someone who can hardly stand the caves in a video game, the panic was more intense to discover that there was no way out, not even a window. If you turned around often with your panic, a door would open and it would open by itself.

Alan Wake:

Although you need the physical disk to play this game today, it would not be a list of horror games without Alan Wake. This horror game took a look at Silent Hill and tried to improve the narrative. The stage, as implied in Silent Hill as well, is a work of fiction, composed entirely by the mind of Alan Wake. Wake is a writer, caught in the middle of his own creation. Each enemy is a manifestation of his own imagination and parts of his life. Although in Silent Hill is less by the design of the main character that is a really terrible coping mechanism.

Alien Isolation:

This would not be a true horror list without mentioning the alien isolation. This game is horror survival like no other before, basically playing as a giant game of hiding and seeks between you and a xenomorphic. In this game, you really felt that if you did not run fast enough, the big black alien would surely kill you. You can have a weapon, but the game is specifically designed to make sure you barely use it.

The alien isolation does this by limiting your ammunition; making materials and making enemies suffer a lot of damage. This makes for stealth strategies even those who are experts in Dishonored, have to die first to decipher, such as: throwing the Molotov cocktail to set the alien on fire and expect it to die, or run like hell and wait for the next room more a closet where you can hide.


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